Premiere Full Service Talent Agency representing and providing guidance to talents of nearly every type: models, actors/actresses, artists, dancers/choreographers, writers, animators, stage performers, directors, producers... in their respective careers. From discovering to nurturing well-established talent or redirecting careers, we take pride in our unique commitment to excellence by developing relationships built on truth, integrity and willingness to succeed. We are dedicated in helping you fulfill your dreams.

Our connections to photographers, publicists, stylists, designers, make-up artists... provide a substantial support in developing portfolios for talents in order to perform with confidence.

We offer representation in all areas of the entertainment industry including Motion Picture, Music, Modeling, Theatrical, Pro Sport, Hosting, Choreography, Animation/Interactive, Media, Book Publishing, Book Signing, Promo/Trailer/Narration/Voice over, Live/Corporate Event, Print & AD and more.

We are State Licensed and Bonded Talent Agency, and Signatory of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM).

We are also appointed by the United States International Standard Recording Code (US ISRC) to provide Clients with universal identification numbers (ISRC CODES) required to identify and catalog music, videos and audio/sound recordings. ISRC and/or UPC/EAN codes are what you need for your recorded creation(s) to be sold on iTunes and other music/video distribution platforms, participate in the Billboard Charts (Sound Scan), and most importantly get paid by ensuring that your royalties are tracked properly. To learn more about our services, please click here

Ze Studios Talent Agency Beverly Hills, CA U.S.A